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The Advantages of Online Hotel Booking Systems

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Hotel online booking systems have replaced the traditional phone-in reservation systems for many major hotel chains and smaller hospitality properties. The more hotels can integrate online booking systems, the easier making, changing, or canceling a reservation is for their guests. The multi-purpose software used to complement online hotel booking systems offers a wide range of advantages for both guests and operators.

How to Plan a Corporate Event              

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Corporate event planning is a complex and multi-faceted process. From choosing the right venue to coordinating catering and entertainment, there are a lot of factors to consider. And that's not even taking into account the logistics of event management, which can include everything from transportation to security.

How Has Technology Changed the Event Industry?

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Technology has fundamentally changed how we live and interact throughout history, but especially in the last two decades. From how we make friends, to how we listen to music, discover new movies or artists, and even attend large events, the impact of communication and information technology has had a clear impact on virtually every facet of our lives.

How To Write a Proposal for an Event

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If you are an aspiring event organizer looking to dazzle a potential client, a good event proposal that outlines everything from the event concept and event theme down to the details of how you will make the event a success, is a surefire way to make a good impression.

Community Event Planning Guide              

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Community events are a great way to bring people together, forge new relationships and create shared experiences. They can be fun, they can be educational, and they can also serve as a great way to raise money for your favorite cause.

On-Prem or Cloud Software Deployment?

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Cloud computing has changed the landscape for business software operations, from storage to working from just about anywhere. Before the Cloud, businesses only had on-premise storage options, with their own servers set up to host websites and their proprietary applications. Now, many companies are considering on premise vs cloud, looking at the advantages of cloud solutions.

How to Organise a Product Launch Event

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Planning the launch party for a new product is one of the most exciting tasks of creating a new product. The launch party is like a coming-out story for your creation and is a great chance to attract influencers, new customers, and potential investors to jump on board.

5 Tips for Successful Exhibition Planning              

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Planning a successful exhibition can be overwhelming and exhausting. Given the many things you need to consider, the entire process of exhibition planning should, ideally, begin months before the event. Exhibitions provide a unique marketing opportunity for companies because these in-person events offer the opportunity to attract passing visitors while simultaneously reaching large segments of their target audience.

How to Make an Event Budget

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An event budget is a comprehensive forecast plan of the financial aspects of the event planning process. Efficient budgeting helps regulate revenue and expenses, which is the key to successful project management for event planners.

Tips to Design Hybrid Events              

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Most people out there struggle to design a good hybrid event, let alone an awesome one. They find the idea of designing virtual and hybrid events daunting and wish there was a shortcut.

Advice for Planning an Outdoor Theater Event

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When well planned and organized, an outdoor movie event can provide a truly magical experience for everyone that attends. Complemented by twinkling stars and the natural soundscape, outdoor movie events are easy to enjoy but often quite challenging to plan!           

Non-Profit Event Planning Checklist

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As anybody in the nonprofit community knows, fundraising events are absolutely essential. Not only do they bring in much-needed revenue, but fundraising efforts also help to raise awareness about an organization's mission and goals.

How to Plan a Pop Up Event              

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A pop-up event is a surprise, temporary event in a unique space. These events can be virtual, face-to-face, or a mixture of both. A pop-up event, from pop up shops to pop up dining events, usually last between one and three days. What distinguishes pop-up events from other events is the element of surprise and the unexpected location.

How to choose a webinar platform    

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Webinars used to be pretty dull, didn't they?
Well, that's before 91% of B2B professionals made webinars their preferred content type. When done right, webinars effectively connect with your audience and deliver value. Better still, your sales team can use them for prospecting and lead generation.           

How Many Hours Does It Take to Plan an Event?

How Many Hours Does It Take to Plan an Event

How many hours does it take to plan an event? This is a question that many event planners struggle with. The answer, of course, depends on the size and complexity of the event, as well as the level of organization and planning that has already taken place.


How to Budget for an Event


For an event planner, the budgeting process can quickly become overwhelming. Although a well-planned budget takes time to create and manage, it can mean the difference between success or failure. From booking the venue to hiring the catering company, there are a lot of expenses to consider! That's why it's so important to follow a detailed budget planning process and track the actual costs of your spending.   

The Quick Guide to Capacity Management for Events   

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At both hybrid and live events, the event begins as soon as attendees arrive. You will want the guest check-in experience to be effective, painless, and act as a reflection of the event’s brand. Event planners need to ensure that registration and check-ins go smoothly while respecting social distancing guidelines to prevent confusion while providing event attendees with a solid first impression.

How to Write a Marketing Plan for an Event

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An event marketing plan is a valuable tool during the event planning process. It sets out your path to success – from attracting the right people to generating hype to maximizing ticket sales. Creating a plan for your marketing activities also helps cut down on mistakes, which will reduce your stress. And you don’t need to make one from scratch! Event marketing plan templates are available from experts who have walked the path before you.

Your Conference Planning Checklist for Success

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The event planning process can be a wild ride, but you’re sure to succeed as long as you have a trusty checklist. It can make future events a breeze, and will give your team a better picture of their roles and responsibilities.

A Virtual Event Planning Checklist is Your Roadmap to Success!

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In a world where public health concerns have made large, public gatherings temporarily impossible, virtual events are experiencing quite a moment. Organizations around the world have realized that virtual event technology has made it easier than ever to reach a wide audience at a low cost.

What Do I Need for the Ultimate Party Planning Checklist?

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Whether this is your first time doing party planning or your tenth, it’s essential to know the goal of your party. You may think that is to bring people together and have fun. While this is true, some parties have additional elements, such as promoting a product, person, or service.

How to Manage an Event Successfully

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Big and small events occur year-round, whether in person or online. But no matter their size, most have similar important metrics that you should track in order to manage a great experience.

How to Plan a Fashion Show Fundraiser

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Fashion shows and fundraisers can be chaotic, especially if you’ve been tasked with organizing and running one!

How to Start a Catering Business from Home

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Does a fire ignite inside you whenever you think about cooking or baking? Are people always telling you that you make the best food?

How to Be Successful in Event Planning

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Before you walk down that red carpet or accept the praise and thanks of the hosts, you need to organize an impressive event that will have people talking about it after it’s over.

How to Grow a Catering Business?

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It’s not always possible to attend in-person events, especially since the spread of COVID-19.

What is Event Management Software?

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Many try to manage events, people juggle with scheduling, invoice creation, order tracking, and other responsibilities using several event apps.  

How to Grow a Catering Business

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Catering requires robust event management capabilities for daily operations and scheduling. But before you manage your business, you have to grow it.

How to Plan a Virtual Event: A Complete Guide

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Over the last year and a half, the pandemic has made a huge impact on the way we live. It hit some industries hard, and the event planning business is no exception.

How to Start a Wedding Planning Business

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Use these pro tips to start your wedding planning business! EventPro software is trusted worldwide by planning professionals and caterers.
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