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How to Manage an Event Successfully

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Big and small events occur year-round, whether in person or online. But no matter their size, most have similar important metrics that you should track in order to manage a great experience.

How to Plan a Fashion Show Fundraiser

holiday fashion show

Fashion shows and fundraisers can be chaotic, especially if you’ve been tasked with organizing and running one!

How to Start a Catering Business from Home

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Does a fire ignite inside you whenever you think about cooking or baking? Are people always telling you that you make the best food?

How to Be Successful in Event Planning

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Before you walk down that red carpet or accept the praise and thanks of the hosts, you need to organize an impressive event that will have people talking about it after it’s over.

How to Grow a Catering Business?

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It’s not always possible to attend in-person events, especially since the spread of COVID-19.

What is Event Management Software?

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Many try to manage events, people juggle with scheduling, invoice creation, order tracking, and other responsibilities using several event apps.  

How to Grow a Catering Business

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Catering requires robust event management capabilities for daily operations and scheduling. But before you manage your business, you have to grow it.

How to Plan a Virtual Event: A Complete Guide

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Over the last year and a half, the pandemic has made a huge impact on the way we live. It hit some industries hard, and the event planning business is no exception.

How to Start a Wedding Planning Business

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Use these pro tips to start your wedding planning business! EventPro software is trusted worldwide by planning professionals and caterers.
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