What is Event Management Software?

Many try to manage events, people juggle with scheduling, invoice creation, order tracking, and other responsibilities using several event apps. While this may be a good temporary event management system for when your small business is starting up, a more refined system can help you grow your business and reduce overall workload and complexity.

How can event management software help? It makes the grunt work easier with automation, leaving you free to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently. Everything from planning and organizing to marketing and analyzing promotional events can be handled with event management software.

But why stop there? Get the top event management software available from EventPro!

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Event Management Software Explained

Today’s event organizers need to upgrade from old-school methods to technology-assisted, streamlined systems. Notebooks can get lost, damaged, or take up space the more they’re used. Time is wasted in searching for pertinent information or engaging in manual data entry. Event management software can be a handy tool to avoid some of these problems or time-wasters.

A well-designed Event Management Software system consists of features that act as business solutions for all aspects of an event, such as planning, hiring staff, booking seats, and sending invoices post-event.

Some types of event management software are designed as an end-to-end system while others are for specific tasks, such as an event app solely for event planning or event marketing.

An Event Management System for All Types of Event Organizers

Whether you’re a wedding planner, caterer, or manager of corporate events, EventPro offers sleek and feature-filled event management software that makes booking and organizing future events simple.

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With the main aspects of the event taken care of, you can devote more time to event marketing and event promotion to attract more customers and increase sales. Small and large businesses need an event management solution that offers mobility and seamless integration. Now that we’ve answered the question: “What is event management software?”, it's time to decide if EventPro is right for your business.

Some features of our software include:

  • Event Planning: With integrated budgets, track revenue and expenses faster. With the Task Management feature, conquer your To Do list
  • Event Registration: Use our Booking Wizard to enter account and contact information. Our Online Booking Calendar allows users to immediately find space and add to their schedule
  • Event Analytics: Our Data Analytics Tools lets you see real-time for informed decisions-making. The KPI Module analyzes data using relevant measurements
  • Security: The Assignable User Security feature enables maximum confidentiality by limiting access to various users
  • Virtual Assistants: Set up automated notifications for your clients when certain activities are triggered, save notifications in communications, and have data auto-filled in templates
  • Staff Management: Add notes, comments, and requirements for your staffing needs at any time to ensure you hire the right people
  • Catering Management: This module allows you to organize deliveries and schedule catering at the venue. Menus can be created from scratch or modified from an existing model
  • Beverage Management: Create a customized price list and set up cash bars to charge customers according to your needs

Try the Best Event Management Software on the Market!

Event organizers, step your game up with the best thing in event management to date! From online event registration to audience engagement, manage events with ease and efficiency. Our event management platform runs like a dream with all the features today’s event planners need.

Update your event management tools by booking a demo today!


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