Increasing Value into the Future:
Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP)

The Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP) is an annual Support Contract that helps you get the maximum benefit out of your EventPro Software investment.

All of our solutions come with an Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP), which includes these benefits:

  • Upgrades with new & enhanced features developed in direct response to input from UPP clients
  • Unlimited hot fixes and updates, accessible 24/7 on the EventPro Support Website
  • Unlimited ongoing support via telephone, email and fax
  • Comprehensive user manual, regularly updated by our in-house Technical Writer
  • The EventPro Bulletin, up-to-the-moment notifications of updates and upgrades
Upgrade Protection Plan

Making the Most of Your EventPro Software Investment

For the Cloud investment, the UPP is included in the ongoing subscription.

For the Locally Installed investment, the first 12 months of UPP is included in the pricing of each licensed component & module, with an option to renew at the end of each 12-month period. If extra modules or user licenses are added later, the UPP for those modules is included up to the next UPP renewal date for the whole system.