Efficient room & resource scheduling to make the most of your event space

Your event venue is brimming with event revenue potential. However, to take full advantage of your facility as an event venue, you need a cost-effective and efficient system to schedule rooms, organize event details, and get the word out to potential clients.

If you’ve already tried paper calendars or spreadsheets, you probably discovered that they just can’t do the whole job. Writing down the room, client, and time is not enough; you may even have tried so called “venue booking systems” and learned the hard way that you need a more sophisticated solution for venue booking management.

That’s where EventPro Software steps in...

EventPro Software

Venue management & booking features you're looking for

With EventPro, you can mix and match options to create a custom management solution, tailored to your venue's unique needs.

Make your event venue stand out from the crowd

In the competitive venue industry, you need an edge to stand out above the other options available to your clients.

So just how will EventPro help you wow clients and carry out flawless events every time?

EventPro Software

Comprehensive event facility management in one user-friendly program

EventPro Software integrates the functions you need for event management & room scheduling in a single platform, with built-in features including....

  • Room & space scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • No double bookings
  • Catering management
  • Event detail organization
  • Equipment inventory
  • Automated task reminders
  • Floor Plans & Room Setup
  • Contract & deposit tracking
  • Logistic planning
  • Reporting & analysis
  • Contact management
  • Invoicing & finance tracking
  • And much more...

The Benefits?

With all your information centralized in EventPro, you will:

EventPro is very user friendly.

"EventPro is very user friendly and produces all of the
necessary reports and documents, from the initial bookings, to
invoicing, to the various management reports. Based on our
experience, I can highly recommend this product."

- Roman Komunytsky,
Wells Fargo Centers,
San Fransisco / Phoenix

Connecting with your community for successful events

EventPro’s integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps you build lasting relationships with clients, prospective clients and other stakeholders.

  • Collect unlimited information to create a useful, informative contact database
  • Provide prompt, seamless customer service with knowledge of client preferences and history
  • Build mailing lists based on different criteria for email marketing campaigns
  • Send mass emails right from within EventPro using merge-field document templates
  • Make it easy and convenient for people to rent space with optional web enquiries or bookings that feed directly into EventPro
  • Publish online booking calendars of events for staff who don’t need to access the whole EventPro system
CRM System

Believe It or Not,
It Gets Even Better

Easily Share Accurate Information

Information Sharing

EventPro makes it easy to share information with staff members, clients, suppliers and anyone involved in the event.

Easy-View Event Booking Calendar

Monthly Calendar

EventPro’s graphic, color-coded Booking Calendar allows you and your staff to determine at a glance what your real and potential commitments are for the days ahead. Multiple users can quickly find available space and book with confidence, knowing that the conflict check prevents double bookings.

Customized to your Requirements

Customized for your needs

You customize the Booking Calendar to your event spaces, whether they include physical rooms, or outdoor spaces, any type of bookable space is easily managed within EventPro.


Fast and easy event organization

Enter information in EventPro just once – clients, equipment, catering menus, rooms & more – and it will be available throughout the program. Create resource packages and event templates. Add details to an event with a click, instead of laborious and error-prone retyping.

Data organized and easy to find (but still protected)

Your staff can find the information they need right on EventPro’s easy-to-navigate screen. With EventPro as the single, authoritative source of data - updated in real time as you work - you don’t have to worry about mis-communications and mistakes from outdated information. Personnel can review assigned tasks, event requirements, equipment setup, catering menus, and so on. Multi-level user rights ensure that only the right people view the relevant information.

Send informative, professional communications quickly

With built-in communications, you can effortlessly send event information to your event clients in professionally designed reports using personalized email templates, automatically logging all client interactions in their file.

Email System

Learn from past events and plan for the future with reports

EventPro is more than just calendaring software; it’s a complete system for event venue management, right down to the reports and analysis. EventPro records a full archive of all venue, booking and client information, which is invaluable for assessing your current operations and planning for the future.

With built-in reporting, EventPro automatically consolidates the data you need for important decisions, such as forecasting future income and venue usage.

All this - customized to your event facility

EventPro is a flexible event management software program, adaptable to any kind of venue or event. Management-controlled settings let you customize EventPro to the needs of your business, while the multi-layer user rights ensure that only the right people access sensitive data & settings.


"EventPro has made our work easier, without it we
would simply be chasing paperwork around the
office. The flexibility has enabled us to customize
reports to our specific needs and the simplicity
allows us to quickly see what’s happening and
what’s available. I simply couldn’t operate without
EventPro these days."

- Mark Millett,
Riverway Arts Centre,
Townsville, QLD AU

EventPro Cloud

Your complete software solution
Deployed your way:
Desktop or Cloud

  • You’re after efficiency? That’s our middle name!
  • Saved time + More efficiency = Reduced costs
  • Clients are happy + Clients come back = More revenue
  • Centralized information + Streamlined process = Your job is easier