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Our consultative approach is focused on helping you find the event & venue management software solution that is best for your organization. If the best solution happens to be EventPro's event management software, great!  Because we want to be your long-term software partner, we take the time to ensure our product is the right solution for you.


Because EventPro's event management software is flexible to the unique needs of each client, part of our consultative approach is helping you learn about all the different things EventPro can do specifically for your organization.


We understand how busy you are. You want to cut to the heart of the matter – does EventPro have what you need? – so you can get back down to important business.







Your next steps

Is EventPro the Right Solution for You?

Get a Needs Consultation


Our consultative approach is meant to help you determine whether EventPro's venue scheduling and event management software is a good match for your organization. At your request, our Solutions Consultants can provide a Needs Assessment Consultation for your organization, during which they will:

  • Learn about your organization's processes
  • Evaluate what you need for event & venue management software
  • Determine whether & how EventPro Software can meet those requirements


With a clear picture of your organization's operations and requirements, our experienced Solutions Consultants can efficiently demonstrate whether EventPro is the right management software solution for you.





Get a Needs Consultation

Live Demonstration -

Efficient & Effective Evaluation


During the live demonstration – conducted through Go-To-Meeting – your Solutions Consultant will guide you through EventPro on your computer screen, highlighting key features and explaining the overall functionality of the event management software program.


If you have complete a complimentary Needs Assessment Consultation, your Solutions Consultant can further fine-tune the demonstration to focus on the features most relevant to your organization.




Live Demonstration for a guided tour of EventPro Software

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Professional Venue, Event and Catering Management Software

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