Cloud Prem or
On Prem Software

When we set about creating the latest EventPro, one big priority was implementing a frequent request of clients: “Make a cloud app!”. But a lot of other clients told us, “Keep your desktop version!” or, “We need to work from a network!”. So, what to do? … Offer all 3 software licenses, naturally!

You can deploy EventPro the way you choose: On-Prem (on-premises software, installed on your desktop/network) or the Cloud. We want to make everyone happy! All EventPro applications have the same versatile functionality to handle your important business processes- how you access your EventPro management solution is up to you!

Cloud connections

The Cloud Advantage

Cloud-based software has become increasingly popular, thanks to its adaptability and mobility. With EventPro now available on cloud-based services, you can continue using the software according to your preferences.


With cloud hosting, you can access EventPro anytime from remote locations with an internet-connected device. Workplace flexibility is one of our biggest advantages of transitioning our existing systems on the cloud. Now, you can work based on your preferences and availability.

Improves Flexibility And Collaboration

Improve collaboration with your colleagues when you work on a project in different locations and time zones. With EventPro on the cloud, you can collaborate on the same data while physically being far away from your teammates.

Easy to Manage

With a cloud application, you don’t have to deal with software maintenance, privacy risks or data security concerns. You have access to the latest EventPro version every time you log into your internet browser. Access your sensitive data, without having to worry about installing the program, setting up server hardware or making program updates.

Dependable Desktop Deployments


Our in-house EventPro desktop software is here to stay, no matter how enthusiastic technical experts get over cloud computing. Our cloud version serves many benefits, however, our desktop application still provides a practical and secure method of event planning and management.

Less Internet Dependency

With on-prem software, you are not nearly as dependent on your internet connection as you are with the cloud. With EventPro’s desktop application, you can carry on using most core features even through internet outages.

No Bandwidth Worries

The EventPro desktop application does not entail any bandwidth considerations, since you’re storing the data right on your computer. With cloud software, you will need high bandwidth to handle data sent frequently and in high amounts.

Control Your Own Security

There can be some security advantages with a desktop application, since you control the security measures on your own computer, rather than relying on the security provided by a third-party cloud server.


Use EventPro Cloud on all Your Favorite Devices

Powerful & flexible EventPro Cloud software is delivered seamlessly to any device with an internet connection. That means EventPro Cloud is fully functional on the following systems and devices:

Windows Desktop


Chrome OS


Windows 8


Android Tablet


Windows 8 RT


Android Phone

Blackberry 10

Windows Phone

iPod Touch

How Does it Work? EventPro Cloud is Enterprise-level software designed to run on computer servers. It runs though the EventPro Active Directory, and uses Citrix, the undisputed standard in remote network and software delivery.

Your Files - Wherever You Are!

With the delivery method used by EventPro Cloud you’ll have easy access to your local network drives, files and printers. Not all cloud systems can provide this feature, making ours a key selection criteria when evaluating different cloud options.

When you choose EventPro Cloud, we create a separate database for every client using EventPro Cloud. All updates are still rolled out seamlessly to all of our clients in a simple process. Our clients are provided with the added security of knowing that your data - and only your data - is stored in an EventPro database dedicated to you.

Cloud file
Cloud Security

Reliable and Secure

With EventPro, you can get access to a reliable and secured Cloud system. Our networks are held to the highest industry standards to ensure that your data is safe and your EventPro access is there when you need it.

Network servers

EventPro Cloud runs on a Private Cloud Environment that is hosted on a Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready certified system. Skyhigh Networks performs objective and thorough evaluations of the enterprise-readiness of cloud service based on a detailed set of criteria developed in conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Services designated as Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready are the services receiving the highest CloudTrust™ Ratings, which fully satisfy the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection.

SSAE Compliant

The EventPro Cloud application and data are housed in a Private Cloud that is hosted in a data center located within a Tier 4 CyrusOne facility. A Tier 4 designation is the highest level a data center can achieve, designed to host mission critical computer systems, telecommunications facilities and storage environments with fully redundant subsystems (cooling, power, network links, etc) and compartmentalized security zones, controlled by biometric access control methods.

All Connectria data centers have successfully completed SOC 1 Type II audits in compliance with the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements 18 (SSAE 18) auditing standards.

One Solution - Two Ways

Whether you choose to install locally on premise or on the cloud, your EventPro will give you all of the same tools to more effectively manage your venue, events and catering. The only differences are in how it is installed.

EventPro On-Prem Software

On-Prem Software

EventPro Cloud Software

Cloud Software


Need to install on your computer or server

EventPro Installation

Need to manually update on computer or server

EventPro Updates

Workstation requires high memory and processing speed

EventPro Processing

Stored on your computer or server

EventPro Data Storage

Controlled internally by your IT

EventPro Security

From local computer or workstation on the network

EventPro Access
EventPro Cloud Software

Cloud Software


Not required - runs in the cloud


Not required - updated by service provider


Most processing done by service provider


Stored on cloud service provider's server


Controlled by cloud service provider


From any device with internet access (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer)

On Premise or in the Cloud? The Choice is Yours

Every organization is unique, and this is why you get to decide on what software delivery option works best for you. Your EventPro Solutions Consultant will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of the on-prem (desktop or network installed) and cloud options in relation to your business needs, with our unbiased deployment recommendation.

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