How to Grow a Catering Business

Catering requires robust event management capabilities for daily operations and scheduling. But before you manage your business, you have to grow it.

Many business owners think that to market your catering business, you have to be on social media for hours each day, a tiresome exercise that most don’t have time for. The good news is that, while you do need a good online presence nowadays, there are some management tools that can help you with both operations and marketing.

Whether you’re catering a local event or planning a special day where food is only one of many factors to manage, EventPro keeps you organized and moving forward. You can run a business and do its marketing, all in one place!

We’ve prepared a few appetizers to help you get on the right path to growing your catering business. Bon appétit!

How Do I Get Clients for My Catering Business?

An essential part of acquiring clients is having a website that is set up with a clean and clear layout. A website is the first place anyone goes to learn more about a company. It also gives potential patrons a good sense of the type of atmosphere and level of professionalism that are offered by your catering business.

There are various websites that will host your website for free, or for an annual subscription. Wix, Squarespace, and GoDaddy are popular sites where you can easily build a well-rounded website over the course of a weekend. Then, potential patrons can explore the menu, browse through testimonials and past projects, as well as see high-definition photos of your dishes.

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Check Review Sites

Make sure your business contact information is up to date on all reviews sites, such as Yelp and Wedding Wire. It can be hard to read reviews, but it’s essential to address customer reviews in a respectful way by either thanking them or offering solutions if they had a bad experience.

Marketing on Social Media

To market your catering company, you must often use social media to spread awareness. From your branding to products and services, show off what makes your business unique.

It may take some time to grow a loyal community, but you will reap the benefits if you use the right keywords and hashtags, have a good balance of professional and casual content, and provide excellent customer service and products. The more you use social media, the easier it will be to navigate through all of its features.

Facebook is an excellent hub to use where you can connect with family and friends who know you and your business. They can get the ball rolling by leaving testimonials and recommend you to their friends. And of course, you can always buy ads on Facebook too.

On Instagram, post pictures and video clips on a regular basis to show off your latest projects. Use the Stories feature to attract more attention with brief scenes of life at a catering business and by sharing testimonials.

Create a profile on LinkedIn to garner attention from B2C and B2B prospects. This can lead to some big clients and profitable catering sales.

Boost Catering Sales with Our Software

Our catering management software helps you manage your schedule and orders, so you can work more efficiently and have time to do your own marketing. Whether catering is your life or only a part of your business, EventPro’s software is the choice for caterers and event planners everywhere.

When you’re punctual, prepared, and provide the best service, repeat business is a guarantee, so let us help you to optimize your output, maintain a following of loyal customers, and grow into a profitable catering business.

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