The Advantages of Online Hotel Booking Systems

Hotel online booking systems have replaced the traditional phone-in reservation systems for many major hotel chains and smaller hospitality properties. The more hotels can integrate online booking systems, the easier making, changing, or canceling a reservation is for their guests. The multi-purpose software used to complement online hotel booking systems offers a wide range of advantages for both guests and operators.

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Online Hotel Reservation Booking Saves Time

Phone call reservations can take quite some time, from checking availability to finding pricing and specials options and then making the reservation. A large portion of the time on phone calls includes describing the different room options and price points to guests. And, when guests must call the hotel company for customer bookings, then customer service staff must be available around the clock to answer phones.

Online booking systems save time for guests, as they can review availability at a glance and see price points for different room options. The amount of manpower and labor saved from an online booking system can be significant for hotel companies. Instead of dedicating an in-person reservations department to answer phones, property reservations can be managed by just a small team. In fact, managing online bookings can even be executed by a remote online reservation system supervisor for the entire chain.

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Use an Online Booking System for a Streamlined Booking Process

Nearly all hotel guests discover hotels online – in fact, most consumers do an online search of their desired product or service before buying. They may search the web for hotel promotions and availability – if your hotel doesn't have an online booking platform prominent on the internet, you may as well be invisible.

Hotels without an online booking system integrated into their website are missing out on a lot of bookings. Travelers may view your property and room types, look for deals, and book immediately.

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Online Booking Systems Increase Hotel Revenue

With a phone reservation system, only one guest may make a reservation for each phone line. Online booking systems, though, can accommodate hundreds of guests at a time. Making reservations more accessible and reducing phone calls with long hold times improves customer satisfaction. Instead of a couple of dozen phone operators at central reservations call center booking stays, online booking software can allow hundreds of reservations to be entered simultaneously.

A hotel online booking system provides guests more opportunities to book a room. And, since your online booking platform is open 24 hours, you can easily accommodate guests from different time zones. All a guest needs to reserve a room is internet access. With integrated venue management software, you can make sure that you maximize your bookings and revenue.

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Hotel Online Booking Systems Integrate With Your Marketing and Sales Synergy

Hotel guests look online for the best hotels, seeking guest reviews and user-uploaded pictures. They'll also visit your website to get a full view of the property and its amenities and to look at the guest rooms before checking availability on your online booking platform. Many people do a lot of research on hotels in your area before reserving one, so the stronger your online presence, including availability of online booking for reservations, the better.

Your hotel website isn't just your contact information - it's often your main marketing tool for both individual visitors and people booking for a group or for their company. Online booking systems are the connection between your marketing campaigns and your conversions. Customers can view virtual tours online, look at videos, and then convert right then and there using the online booking software.

You can also easily change your online business strategy and promotions by uploading them to your online booking system. Plus, your hotel can improve revenue management by updating your prices and availability on your online booking system.

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Hotel Online Booking Systems Make Upselling Simple

A picture is worth a thousand words – and when it comes to hotel upselling, a picture, or better yet, a video, is worth a thousand descriptions. With an online booking system, potential guests can compare a basic guestroom with a suite or specialty room. Then, they may decide that a great view, more space, or an in-room jacuzzi is worth the extra few dollars a night. When people travel, especially for leisure, their stay experience is often almost as important as their destination.

And, upselling doesn't stop with just a room upgrade. With online booking software like EventPro, you can increase related upselling opportunities based on guest data your online booking system collects. Then, your marketing team can send targeted emails and promotions to the guests most likely to make online bookings.

In Summary

When you compare the advantages and disadvantages of online booking and self-service portals, the net benefits are clear and abundant. Simplifying the hotel reservation process with hotel event management software improves the guest experience and increases hotel revenue. Online booking platforms reduce manpower by eliminating phone calls to make a reservation. Plus, with the expansion of reservation availability to 24-hour online booking platforms, your hotel company's revenue increases, also. Boosting sales, making your employees' jobs easier, and improving the customer experience are just some of the advantages of online booking systems. If you want to learn more about how venue management software can help your business, contact EventPro today!

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