How to Plan a Fashion Show Fundraiser

Fashion shows and fundraisers can be chaotic, especially if you’ve been tasked with organizing and running one!

To make your fashion show fundraiser a hit, you’ll need the help of many professionals, find the right venue, balance the budget, decorate, set up equipment, and much more. But you can limit the stress, delays, and possible errors with a well-coordinated plan, an ace team, and effective venue management software that allows you to keep track of everything.

Whether it’s a one-off charity fashion show or an annual event, EventPro knows the ins and outs of event planning no matter the type of event.

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Why Plan a Fashion Show Fundraiser?

You might be planning your own fashion show fundraiser or organizing it on behalf of local businesses. Despite who is involved, there are several reasons to plan this type of event and keeping the goal in mind leads to success.

Raise Funds for a Cause

Your organization may focus on one or two causes, such as fighting homelessness or helping to build schools in a Third World country. A fashion show can bring in a high amount of money to support these causes.

Promote Local Fashion Designers and Businesses

If there are up and coming designers looking to show off their work or business hoping to appeal to a new audience, fashion shows and fundraisers are a strong way to grab attention.

To raise money for these kinds of causes, you will benefit from procuring sponsors and donors, as well as hiring as many pro bono professionals as possible. Saving on these costs combined with high ticket sales will improve your financial gains at the end of the event.

Brainstorm Fashion Show Fundraiser Ideas

The vital part of a fashion is its theme because everything will tie back to this idea. From the holiday season to California beaches to punk rock, a fashion show theme can be based on one or more elements:

And even though the main event is a fashow show, you can add other fun mini-events. For example, you can offer VIP tickets where individuals can meet the local designers at an open bar before the show itself. VIPs could also have priority over a silent auction or offer gift bags.

Note: Once you have your fundraising event idea, pick the fashion show date in six to eight months’ time.

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Put Together a Team

It’s not possible for one person to do it all, soif you’re organizing an in-person event, you will need to find professionals who can handle various aspects of the both fashion show and the fundraising.

From managing ticket sales to dolling up the models, here are some of the people you will need on your team:

Note: If you and your team have never planned and hosted fundraising events, securing sponsors and donors the first time can be difficult since you don’t have a track record to inspire confidence. However, don’t give up. If you make a good pitch, some businesses and individuals will take a chance on you.

Find a Spacious Venue

Once you’re narrowed down how many attendees you want and how many crew members you will need, look for a venue that can accommodate everyone. You will need a reception area, a place for the runway, a dressing area for the models, etc. Ideal places for fashion show fundraisers are:

Visit the spaces in-person if possible to view the layout. Fashion shows are chaotic, so you will want to mitigate the chaos by having some sort of flow to keep the show’s momentum goin. Here is an essential step where you will need to discuss pricing and see if your budget allows for the renting of this space.

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Venue Management Software

To simplify your job, EventPro’s venue management software helps with everything, including:

Take the stress out of the fashion show fundraiser by using efficient software to stay organized.

Decide Upon Your Advertising Options

Here is another area of event planning where you need to watch costs. Word-of-mouth and some social media marketing can be free ways of advertising your event, but it’s not enough.

Printing flyers, creating and posting videos, and paying for radio or television advertisements may also be necessary, depending on the size of your event. Assess what is within your capabilities to narrow down your advertising options.

Create a Successful Fashion Show with EventPro

Sifting through fundraiser ideas, hosting the event, and doing everything in between is a lot on anyone’s plate. EventPro’s software allows you to effectively manage small and big events for any time of the year.

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