Online Event Attendee Registration

Make Your Life Easier with Online Registration

Registering event attendees by phone, fax and paper forms is a time-consuming chore, involving lots of tedious data entry. Did you know that there is a solution to all your attendee registration difficulties? And that it's directly integrated with your EventPro Software? EPConnect Attendee Online is an online registration application that allows you to collect attendee-entered information from online event registration forms and download it directly into EventPro. Let attendees take the work off your hands!

Don't Pay Over & Over

Why pay another online registration company expensive fees per registrant, with extra setup charges for every new event? With EPConnect Attendee Online, you purchase the application outright once, and have as many events and registrants as you want! It's the efficient and cost-effective choice for online registrations.

Everyone Benefits with Online Registration

Transform the tedium of registration into a simple, streamlined process. Here are some of the benefits you'll gain from EPConnect Attendee Online:

Save Time

Attendees enter their own information on their own time, and EPConnect Attendee Online imports the information directly into EventPro for you – right into the correct data fields.

Save Money

Reduce expenditures on paper, printing, envelopes, postage...not to mention the cost of human brainpower wasted on menial busywork. And, as mentioned only need to buy the application once. No per-event, per-attendee fees!

Reduce Data Entry & Labor

EPConnect Attendee Online automates administrative tasks to increase efficiency and eliminate errors. It will automatically...

Secure Attendance with Convenient Access

Attendees can register online any time at their convenience, meaning you can secure commitment when they are most interested... not forcing them to wait for your office hours or hang on a busy phone line.

Secure Revenue & Get Paid Faster

With integrated online payment, added with the EPConnect Finance or EPConnect Payments, you can receive attendee payments on the spot, quickly and easily securing revenue for your events.

What Can You Do with Attendee Online?

You'll be impressed at how easily you can set up the robust, feature-rich and easy-to-customize EPConnect Attendee Online for your event planning needs.

Great-Looking Event Websites

Reflect the event vibe in your sleek, professional registration website by adding an event logo, selecting a color scheme and customizing text.

Customized Online Forms

Get the information you need for each event with the easy-to-create registration forms. Select entry fields, choose to show or hide pages, and enter customized descriptions... no special programming skills required! Attendees register themselves and their guests, and all the information is imported back into EventPro, where it is automatically organized and available to print in several reports that can be customized to your specific needs.

Attendee Travel & Accommodation

Just imagine that you don't have to type in attendee travel & accommodation reservations one tedious keystroke at a time. Now, open your eyes - it's real!  With EPConnect Attendee Online, attendees can enter their own travel & accommodation details, or select from pre-configured travel & accommodation reservations set up in EventPro with the Event Accommodations Module and Event Travel Module.

Equipment Requirements & Merchandise

Will attendees need special equipment for the event? Do they want to buy event merchandise? Let them tell you. Registrants can select and purchase items you set up in your customized event registration forms.

Help for Attendees

Are you getting too many "How do I do this?" phone calls from confused registrants? Give your registrants a virtual helping hand with your own customized "User Help" pop-ups.


Easy-to-setup email notifications will automatically confirm registrations for attendees.

Online Payments

The add-on modules of EPConnect Finance or EPConnect Payments integrate with most online payment services, including PayPal, Beanstream, CyberSource, Authorize.NET, and Custom* options. (*Consult with an Account Representative for details of additional requirements for Custom payment gateways.)

I've Read the Information... Now I Need More

One of our friendly Account Consultants will be happy to provide you with a live demonstration of EPConnect Attendee Online. They can guide you through its various features and show how it can be customized to the unique requirements of your organization.