How to Plan a Pop Up Event

What Are Pop-up Events?

A pop-up event is a surprise, temporary event in a unique space. These events can be virtual, face-to-face, or a mixture of both. A pop-up event, from pop up shops to pop up dining events, usually last between one and three days. What distinguishes pop-up events from other events is the element of surprise and the unexpected location.

A pop-up event can occur in a temporary structure like a dome or tent or a permanent structure like a hotel or retail space. Even though these events may appear last minute, it takes a lot of attention and skill to plan a successful one.

Having a pop-up event in a temporary venue creates a lot of buzz by appearing out of nowhere. However, it also poses some unique challenges since you have to bring in lighting, décor, electrical outlets, video equipment, and Wi-Fi routers, amongst other things.

Guide to Planning a Successful Pop-up

Planning good pop-ups requires a lot of skill and attention to detail. If you feel overwhelmed planning this event, don’t fret. Check out this guide on how to manage an event successfully. Below are some tips on planning an effective pop-up event.

1. Define the goals of the event

There are very many reasons for having a pop-up store, pop up space, pop up concept, etc.. Making a list of your event goals will help you visualize what type of event you want. These include brand engagement, bringing in new customers, launching a new product, or just having fun.

Having clear goals is the best way to determine whether the event was successful.

2. Create an intriguing concept

It is better to come up with the concept before finding the space. Finding pop up venues that align with your theme is much better than altering your idea to fit the venue better.

It is best to keep a list of ideas and narrow it down until you develop a singular vision. What's best about a pop-up is that you don't have to be selling a product. Feel free to have fun with it.

3. Finding a venue

Now that you have a clear idea, you should have a clearer picture of which venues fit your theme and which don't.

Consider foot traffic. Remember, this is a surprise event, and you need to have it somewhere where you can easily get to a wider audience.

If you're unsure who your target audience is, conducting market research will help you determine this. Once you know who the target audience is, you know where you can reach them, so go there.

Once you have found an area, there are some other logistical questions you should ask. Is it a seated event? Do you need to serve food? What facilities do you need? How much space is required? Is it better to have a temporary or permanent venue?

4. You don’t have to fly solo. Consider some surprise collaborations.

Teaming up with someone who complements your theme can help to make your event more successful. For example, say you’re putting together a pop up shop. People will be more likely to come to the event if they know you’re having a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration with another brand. Branded pop up shops can be a lot of fun!

There are three types of collaborations within the pop-up business. These are store-within-a-store, sharing the venue, and collaborating on a product line. Any of these three collaborations should help to set your event apart.

5. Marketing the event

Social media can really help you out here. You definitely want people talking about your event. One way to capture your audience’s attention is to post fun teaser pictures with a relevant hashtag.

When planning, think about how to capture the audience’s attention as they are walking by. You can use branded custom tents for better recall. Also consider working with local influencers. This type of influencer may have a smaller audience but customers are more likely to trust them since they're content is more focused on the region

6. Creating a pop-up event budget

While the sky's the limit when it comes to your imagination, unfortunately, the same cannot be said about your bank account. Creating a budget before you start planning will help you when planning the event.

It will help you decide how many people to hire and how much to charge (if applicable). Make it your goal to break even.

If you’re going to sell your products at the event, don’t be afraid to charge more money if the product is worth it. Have a clear method of accepting payments. If possible, accept both cash and card payments to satisfy all your customers.

7. Consider using event management software

Using event management software can ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible.

Event management software is perfect for you because it will help you with venue management, staff management, catering management, task management, event coordination, and resource management.

8. Impress but don't overwhelm

Ideally, the pop-up should stimulate the customers without being overwhelming. pop-up events should wow the consumer with details they will want to share on social media without confusing them immediately

9. Winding down the event

Time flies when you're having fun. Use the end of the event to ensure the customers will never forget it. You can be as creative and splendid as you want.

You can make use of targeted post-event campaigns. Take the contact details of the people who attended the event and nurture those relationships. Share happy memories from the event.

Make sure you leave the space exactly as you found it, if not better. If this means hiring cleaners, the better. You have saved yourself a lot of work.

10. Feedback

Last but not least, gather feedback. Listen to your customer’s views on what worked and what did not. Learn from the mistakes and note what made the pop-up such a success.


The most crucial part of having a successful pop-up event is planning. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good plan. Here is a guide on how to manage an event successfully. To have a successful event and better coordinate, you may also want to use event management software.

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