Your Conference Planning Checklist for Success

The event planning process can be a wild ride, but you’re sure to succeed as long as you have a trusty checklist. It can make future events a breeze, and will give your team a better picture of their roles and responsibilities.

From working out the event budget to contacting keynote speakers, the EventPro experts are pros with event planning. Our conference planning checklist below works even better with our event management software. You can customize its features for your use if you want to use it for more than just conference planning!

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What is a Conference?

A conference is a gathering of individuals to discuss a certain topic with one or more speakers. Conferences can be tailored to suit various industries and goals:

Keynote speakers are often included in conferences because they are known experts who share highly relevant information in the related field; their attendance acts as a way to attract more individuals to the event.

Generally speaking, there are different types of conferences or conference activities:

Once you know which type of conference you need to organize, the conference planning process won’t seem quite so daunting since you have a direction to follow. It’s time to start making your checklist.

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The Components of a Thorough Event Planning Checklist

Depending on how you work, you can either create an event outline and then assign tasks to future team members or get them onboard from the start to assist with the conference planning.

Event Basics

This includes the foundational information: the five Ws and How:

With the basic conference planning information out of the way, assign the appropriate tasks to your team. Separate them up by division, such as the tech or marketing division, and make a list of the members in each division. Decide who will be the event manager for each division.


You can use the Task Management Module in EventPro’s software for optimal team coordination. It allows you to stay on track with the event timeline, meet deadlines, and view each team member’s progress. Task dates offer manual and automatic adjustments for adaptability. Think of the module as an advanced “to do” list.

It’s time to get the ball rolling by contacting venues, potential speakers, vendors, and suppliers while creating promotional materials to get the word out.

Event Venue

As you search for the right venue, you need to ensure that it:

Local hotels, universities, theaters can be possible venue options. When should booking the event happen in the conference planning process? Book the event a year in advance if you’re planning for 500 or more attendees; 200 or more should be six months in advance; and and event with 100 or less attendees should be booked three months in advance

Note: In this time of COVID, it may not be possible to view the event space in-person, but it’s still important to ask, as this can give you a better feel for the room and how to lay it out.


You never have to worry about overbooking when using EventPro’s conference management software. It has a Conflict Check function to prevent overbooking rooms and resource shortages.

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Event Speakers

You will want to book speakers six months prior to the event. Choosing a keynote speaker requires some research to find the right individual who will make a possible impact on the event. Here are some questions to consider during your search:

You can find speakers through industry referrals, explore similar conferences for speakers, and review TED talks on similar subjects.

Event Website

As part of your event marketing, you will need to design an event website or a page on your company’s website with all of the event information. This will make it easy for employees and other types of attendees to find the information and book their spot.

Because an event planner has so much on their plate, many forget to update the event or conference website so that it has the latest information about speakers, times, and locations. As you get closer to the conference date, speakers may cancel or issues may arise with the venue. It’s essential to keep the website updated to prevent frustration and confusion on the attendees’ part.

You will also want to create a Facebook event page and use social media to advertise the conference. LinkedIn is also a good place to market the event, especially if it’s a business conference.


EventPro offers the cool feature of an event registration calendar or list that attendees can use to book their place at the conference. It can be set up to include travel and other accommodations

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Event Equipment

Depending on your event type, you may need more or less equipment. An in-person event will require projectors, sound equipment, microphones, and more. Your venue may have this available for use on-site or you may need to rent it from an external company.

Additionally, your conference may benefit from event apps for attendees and sponsors if it’s a large scale event. Event apps provide attendees with speaker and networking opportunities while allowing them to bookmark locations. For large on-site conferences, you can create a customer service plugin through an app, such as Facebook Messenger, to answer attendee questions.

If you’re planning a virtual conference, live streaming is an excellent way to reach people and cover your event. Attendees can even share their livestream with friends and family. It also allows you to work with skilled individuals who you may not have been able to find locally. You will need people to be available before, during, and after the event to welcome attendees to the virtual waiting room, manage technical difficulties, and handle other tasks.

Use Your Event Checklist with Our Event Planning Software

Be prepared for Event Day! From the event schedule to final registration data, nothing will be forgotten when you use our robust conference planning checklist. When paired with our most powerful, feature-rich, and user-friendly event management software, event organizers can enjoy less stress and have all the information they need at their fingertips.

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