Online Event Venue Bookings

What You Can Do with EPConnect Bookings

The EPConnect Bookings module includes the features of the EPConnect Calendar module, meaning you can view events on the online calendar, search for events, and find available rooms. It also adds more functionality that allows you to...

How EPConnect Bookings Will Benefit You

Convenience & Flexibility

Provide flexible options for you and staff members to complete event management work online while outside the traditional office space and hours.

Consistent Data Capture

The user-friendly booking wizard guides all users through a consistent booking process, ensuring critical information is captured the first time.

Efficiency & Accuracy

EPConnect Bookings is directly integrated with your EventPro data, ensuring that everyone is working with accurate information.

More Collaboration, Reduced Costs

An unlimited number of users can access EPConnect Bookings without purchasing additional EventPro Software licenses, saving on software costs and streamlining the process of managing events when multiple people share these duties.

Customize the Online Booking Process for Your Organization

There are many settings you can adjust in EPConnect Bookings to create the ideal online booking process for your organization.

See EPConnect Bookings in Action

For a live demonstration of EPConnect Bookings with one of our Account Consultants, contact our Sales Department by clicking here.