Software Tailored to Your Organization

Pricing for EventPro Software is based on what your organization needs in an event and venue management system. EventPro Software combines the functionality of several applications, and offers optional advanced modules for enhanced capabilities. EventPro's flexibility allows you to customize the software to your organization's requirements, which means there are varying price levels.

Investing in Your Organization's Future

EventPro Software is the event management software solution designed for event professionals. For over 25 years, we've been developing event management software with input from event professionals like you. We designed EventPro to take your organization to a new level of efficiency, so you can dedicate more time to core business that generates more revenue and enhances your venue's professional reputation. That's the value of investing in professional event and venue management software.

What Do You Need? We Can Help

Our Account Consultants will be happy to provide a complimentary assessment of your organization's needs. They can guide you through the various purchase options for EventPro Software, including optional modules, the number of users and rooms at your facility, software training, and other considerations affecting your organization's event management.

For a complimentary assessment of your event management software needs, contact one of our Account Consultants.