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What is EventPro?

EventPro isn’t a venue booking system with a fiddly little catering add-on or an event management system with an afterthought venue booking component. EventPro has been built from the ground up to be a single system where the Venue Booking, Event Management and Catering Management components are all seamlessly integrated so they can easily stand alone or be used all-in-one and anything in between.

Powerful features

With EventPro, you can mix and match options to create a custom management solution, tailored to your unique needs.

Not your average solution,

one system does it all


Designed for and adaptable to any type of venue booking requirements, EventPro allows you to manage the booking process from the first enquiry (even online enquiries) to emailing the final thank you letter, and everything in between. A venue booking calendar, complete booking management including setup resources, catering, beverage, and staffing requirements, budgeting, invoicing, and everything else you need to manage your venue bookings.


From the initial scoping and planning phase through to the post-event analysis, EventPro manages the event timeline and critical path to help ensure that no task is missed. Manage attendees (including online registrations), exhibitors/booths, travel & accommodation, full event and attendee itineraries, budgets, invoicing, and much, much more.


Whether catering is your entire business or one of the many event components you need to manage, EventPro has you covered. Managing catering for events, venue bookings, stand-alone catering requirements or catering deliveries, EventPro’s catering-specific features are more in-depth, more powerful and more flexible, so when combined with the comprehensive capabilities of full event management software, EventPro is the system that can grow with your business – as far as you want to take it.

EventPro Software can be deployed on your local desktop, your network, or on the cloud.

Deployed YOUR Way:

On-Prem or Cloud

When we set about creating the latest EventPro, one big priority was implementing a frequent request of clients: “Make a cloud app!”. But a lot of other clients told us, “Keep your desktop version!” or, “We need to work from a network!”.  So, what to do? … Offer all 3 options, naturally!


You can deploy EventPro the way you choose: On-Prem (on-premises, installed on your desktop/network) or the Cloud. We want to make everyone happy! All EventPro applications will have the same functionality, so how you access it is up to you.


"EventPro has evolved with our business...
I would recommend EventPro to anyone who is looking for an all-purpose venue, catering and events software package!"


- Jenny McAlloon,
Sunshine Convention Centre,

Victoria University

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Don't wait any longer! Carve the time out of your busy schedule now with a streamlined event management system that saves time and boosts productivity: EventPro Software. Work smarter – not harder – with EventPro's comprehensive, user-friendly solution for room scheduling, catering & event management.




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