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EventPro Virtual Assistant Suite: Automation Services for EventPro Software


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Imagine having a personal assistant who could keep track of your entire organization’s schedule, and send out consistent reminders, notifications, and reports to the right people at exactly the right time, 24/7 without ever needing a break... That’s what EventPro’s Virtual Assistant (EVA) Suite can do for you!


Virtual Assistants scan your EventPro database looking for specified situations, and send automated email notifications to select recipients when the triggering activities occur.  You define the custom subject and text templates for the notification emails, which can even include Merge Fields that automatically pull in relevant data, just like EventPro Letter Templates.  Several of the Virtual Assistants allow you to select a relevant report attachment for the emails, and you can indicate whether you want notifications saved in the communications log for future reference.


Any of the Virtual Assistants can be purchased separately, or you can take advantage of the convenience of the entire integrated suite.

Task Assistant

EventPro “Tasks” are to-do reminders assigned to specified Users or User Groups. The Task Assistant works off EventPro Tasks, automatically sending email notifications to the assigned User(s) or other recipients when a Task is Created, Reassigned, or Completed, or reaches its Start, Reminder or Overdue point. Overdue Tasks can be followed up with automated repeat notifications at set intervals until the Task is Complete.


To learn more about Task Assistants, click here.

Task Assistant

Change Notification Assistant

With the Change Notification Assistant, you can create email notifications that are automatically sent to specified Users, departments, and/or other recipients when a defined change occurs in the EventPro Audit Log.  Which “defined change” can you use?  Well, pretty much any activity or situation you want to track in EventPro: new events created, catering added to events, new CRM companies entered, and many more. The notification email can also include an attached report.

Change Notification Assistant
Invoice Export Assistant

Invoice Export Assistant

The Invoice Export Assistant allows you to schedule automated exporting of invoice data, with filtering capabilities to determine the criteria of invoices that are marked for export. The format of exported invoice data is determined by your Invoice Export System Settings. EventPro can export invoice data in a variety of formats ready for import into many commonly used accounting software products, including QuickBooks, MYOB, Sage 50, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAP, Adept, Pastel, and many more

A/R Assistant

The A/R Assistant sends automated Client Invoice Reminder emails for upcoming and/or overdue invoices, with the relevant invoice or other related report attached.  The notification timing is based on the Invoice Due Date, meaning you can set the Assistant to send an email X days before an Invoice is due and/or Y days after an Invoice is due. The built-in filter ensures that notifications are not sent for voided or already paid Invoices.

A/R Assistant
Document Storage

Event Assistant

The Event Assistant can be scheduled to send notifications...

  • X Days before the Event Start Date, e.g. a reminder about an upcoming event
  • X Days after the Event End Date, e.g. a thank you letter
  • Based on the Contract Required Date
  • Based on the Deposit Required Date
  • Upon change of Event Status

The notification emails can also include an attached event report.

Report Assistant

The Report Assistant sends email notifications with attached reports to specified recipients on a scheduled interval basis. Any report – system or custom – can be used, with extensive filtering abilities. For example, you could schedule the Daily Booking List to be sent each morning to a reception email account.

Report Assistant

Calendar Assistant

Calendar Assistants are a bit different from the other email notification Assistants. Rather than sending emails, a Calendar Assistant sends your EventPro events and restrictions (optionally) to be published to a Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or a variety of web-based calendars that support iCal (.ics) subscriptions.  As you work in EventPro, the Calendar Assistant will automatically update shared event calendars on scheduled intervals. The Exchange Calendar Assistant includes the additional ability to initiate reservation requests for Exchange Room Resources.


There are three separate Calendar Assistants available, to accommodate a wide variety of third-party calendar applications:

  • Google Calendar Assistant
  • Outlook Calendar Assistant (works with a variety of iCal subscription calendars)
  • Exchange Calendar Assistant


To learn more about Calendar Assistants, click here.



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