Inventory Management Suite

5 Modules to Manage Your Resources

It can be a challenge to keep event resources organized. Not only do you need to get the right items for the event, you need to get them to the right rooms at the right times, without running late or falling short. The Inventory Management Suite is an integrated solution that will help you schedule, organize and allocate event resources with ease.

Only the features you need without wasting resources on those you don't

Any modules in the Inventory Management Suite can be purchased separately, or you can take advantage of the convenience of the entire integrated suite.

EventPro Management

Resource Management Module

Used for audio/visual, chairs, tables, decorations, signs, linens, tableware, and more. There’s no need to worry about accidental double bookings or shortages anymore, thanks to built-in conflict checking that will display conflict warnings across all bookings.

Catering Management Module

Allows you to effectively organize and provide catering services, whether you manage catering at your venue, other venues, or catering deliveries. You can copy an existing menu, customize an existing menu, or create a completely new menu – the choice is yours. Menu detail can range from simple to complex, and catering items can be added individually or in groups. Pricing can be managed per menu, per person, or per item.

EventPro Catering
Eventpro Beverages

Beverage Management Module

Create the beverage configurations and packages that you need, and set prices in a variety of ways. You can set up host bars or cash bars, and charge per drink, per person, flat charge, or a combination thereof.

Staffing Requirements Module

Assign staffing requirements to your bookings, including all important information with built-in notes, comments, requirements and pricing.

Eventpro Staffing
Eventpro Package Management

Package Management Module

Create pre-defined packages which can include items from all of the four modules above, priced as a set package fee, per person, or using the pricing already attached to the individual items that are configured to be part of the package.

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