Independent EventPro Modules

Sales Management

Sales Management Module

Provides you with an effective, time-saving way to track leads & opportunities and easily convert them into clients with bookings. By analyzing reports of key data you recorded for enquiries, you can determine the factors that lead to success and failure and build a more successful sales strategy.

Task Management Module

Stick to event timelines, coordinate work assignments, and meet deadlines. EventPro’s Task Management Module is like a “to-do” list, but does way more to improve collaboration within your event team. Task dates can be set manually or can automatically adjust to event-related happenings.

Simple Laptop
Housing Module

Housing Module

Make reservations, attach them to events, manage check-in & check out, and bill attendees with the Housing Module.

Event Itinerary Calendar Module

This module provides unique and powerful drag-and-drop event organization for event locations, functions, resources and attendee assignments.

Basic Stopwatch
User Fields

User Defined Fields Module

While the various data fields in EventPro have been designed to meet the needs of most event planners & venue managers, you may find that you need to record additional information unique to your organization. With this module you can create your own data fields to ensure that you are never limited in the type of information you can record in EventPro.

Floorplan Module

Create elegant, precise floor plans that reflect your professional image. You can then easily distribute the floor plans to different parties involved in the event to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

EP floor plan
Docusign Laptop

DocuSign Integration Module

With DocuSign integration, you can now accept electronic signatures on documents sent directly from EventPro (requires a DocuSign Account). As the leading eSignature brand, DocuSign uses the strongest data encryption technologies available and is trusted worldwide for all your signing needs.

DocuSign will streamline the approval process for agreements, contracts, and any other documents requiring signatures. Going paperless is simply good business: reducing wasteful practices means reducing unnecessary costs to you, your clients, and the environment. Eliminating printing, signing, and scanning means that documents can be signed from anywhere - no more waiting for your recipient to be at their desk. After your recipient completes the signing process in DocuSign, the document's status in EventPro is updated and a PDF copy of the signed document is downloaded into EventPro.

You can incorporate electronic signing into your existing EventPro Documents, choosing where the signatures, initials, and other specialized DocuSign fields should be. You don't have to re-build your documents from scratch, or settle for a generic template that doesn't work for your organization.

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