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Data Analysis Suite


EventPro introduces a powerful duo of flexible, easy-to-use reporting tools that deliver the real-time data you need for informed decision making.






Dashboard Module

An EventPro Dashboard displays critical real-time data in a

collection of easy-to-interpret visual elements, including charts,

grids, gauges, cards, pivot tables, and more. These graphical

summaries of information allow you to quickly identify patterns,

make comparisons, and track progress for smarter on-thespot

decisions. EventPro’s Dashboard Module allows you to

define multiple Dashboards, each personalized with the visual

components you want, displaying the data you need.



KPI Module

EventPro’s KPI Module helps you evaluate the success of different

elements in your organization using the measurements that are

relevant to you. Track performance over time with rolling analysis of

data, and monitor trends with easy-to-interpret Sparklines.




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