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EventPro Software Installation Guide

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Network Install: SQL Authentication

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This type of EventPro network installation requires knowledge of SQL Server. Your organization's EventPro installation should be done by an IT Specialist who has sufficient technical knowledge and is familiar with your organization's computer network. If you do not have in-house IT to assist you with EventPro installation, the instructions below will guide you through the general process, but if you have any doubts about how to proceed, please contact EventPro Support.

These instructions only cover one standard set of options that typically work under normal circumstances. For more options, you will require assistance from an IT specialist who is familiar with your organization's network.

Note that these instructions describe the installation of the base EventPro application. You may have purchased additional modules that also require installation. Unless otherwise advised, you should download all of the software components available to you, and consult with your Support or Training Specialist for assistance with installation.

Installation Instructions:

1.Download EventPro Components

2.Install SQL Server

3.Configure SQL Server

4.Create SQL User

5.Install Data Updater

6.Create New Client Database

7.Restore Existing Database over New

8.Change SQL User

9.Install EventPro to Server

10.Share Installation Folder

11.Install EventPro to Workstations

12.Admin First Login to EventPro

13.User First Login to EventPro

In this sample installation process, we follow a particular sequence of steps to prepare your EventPro database. We run the EventPro Database Utility Wizard to create two databases: EventProMaster, a required database that controls program licensing, and a named database, typically called EventProData, which is initially blank. This new, blank EventProData database is essentially just a "placeholder" database. You have most likely received and saved a backup of an existing, prepared database from your EventPro Training or Support Specialist. We will restore that existing, prepared EventPro database backup over the blank "placeholder" database, so that EventProData will then contain your existing information. Installing EventPro Software will occur later in the process.

Note that there is another slightly different sequence of steps that you can follow after installing the Data Updater. You can consult with your IT department and/or EventPro Support or Training Specialist to determine which sequence to follow. In this alternate process, after installing the Data Updater, you first restore the backup of the existing, prepared EventPro database, typically naming it EventProData. You then install EventPro Software to add the EventProMaster database, although you do not yet run the EventPro program. You then run the Database Utility Wizard to link the client database to the EventProMaster database ("Create Master Database Client ID"). There will then be several other steps to complete before running EventPro. For more details about this process, see Alternate Database Restore Process.

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