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EventPro Software Installation Guide

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Get Your Software: Installed

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This chapter describes the process of installing EventPro Software on a computer or network.

NOTE: EventPro Software installation should only be done by an IT Specialist with sufficient IT knowledge and understanding of your organization's network. Installing EventPro Software requires knowledge of SQL Server, and sometimes Active Directory.

First, review the introductory information under Options and Requirements:

oOptions and Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

Installation Types

Authentication Modes

Active Directory Integration

Then, after determining the type of installation you will be performing, proceed to the chapter relevant to your installation:

oStandalone Install

oNetwork Installation: There are several different options for Network Installation.

The network installation of EventPro involves a multiple-user network environment in which the EventPro application is hosted on the application server, the EventPro database is hosted on the database server, and the Users run EventPro from their Workstations.  Your administrator will install EventPro to the application server, and then go through a separate installation process for each Workstation.

A network installation of EventPro Software requires knowledge of SQL Server and, in some cases, Active Directory, which are best managed by an IT Specialist familiar with your organization's computer system. If you are not certain about how to proceed with a network installation, please contact your EventPro Implementation & Training Specialist or EventPro Support.

oNetwork Install: Windows Authentication

oNetwork Install: Active Directory Integration (requires EventPro Active Directory Module)

oNetwork Install: SQL Authentication

Once you have installed EventPro Software, there are some other topics you may want to review:

oEventPro Desktop Shortcuts

oUpdate Software License

oUpdate Your Software

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