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EventPro Software Installation Guide

When using EventPro Active Directory Integration, the EventPro Users will sync to Active Directory. In other words, each time a User logs into EventPro, EventPro will check specified fields in the User's Active Directory properties, as noted in Create Active Directory Groups for Integration, above:

First Name

Last Name

Email Address

Address Information

Telephone Number

Job Title

Security Roles (based on the User's Active Directory Security Group membership)

If you edit those fields in EventPro, they will be overwritten by Active Directory the next time the User logs into EventPro.  Changes you make in EventPro are not pushed to Active Directory.

To edit any of that information for an EventPro User, you need to edit the User back in Active Directory.

The first six fields described (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Address Information, Telephone Number, and Job Title) are simply edited in the User's Properties in Active Directory.

To change the User's EventPro Security Role, you need to change the Active Directory Security Groups to which the User belongs. The User will need to log off and log back onto the workstation before any Active Directory changes will take effect in EventPro.

If you edit a User in Active Directory, EventPro should still recognize and match up the Active Directory User with the correct EventPro User, since it checks three values:

Windows User Name

Active Directory ID

Email Address (in EventPro, the Contact's email address)

However, if you change all three of those values for a User in Active Directory, EventPro will not recognize the User when he/she logs in, and will create a new User.

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