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EventPro Software Installation Guide

The optional EventPro Active Directory module provides for Active Directory Integration.

Active Directory is sub-divided into one or multiple Domains (a collection of network objects that share a common directory database), with each Domain hosted by a server computer called a Domain Controller.

Within a Domain, you can organize users into Security Groups, and then assign each Security Group the appropriate user rights to access specified domain resources, such as data and applications.

With EventPro's Active Directory Integration, you can map those Active Directory Security Groups to EventPro Security Roles. When a User runs EventPro, he/she will be automatically assigned the correct user permissions in EventPro according to his/her Active Directory group membership.

The advantage of Active Directory Integration for the EventPro administrator is the efficiency of account administration. Instead of manually entering users in EventPro, the administrator can create a login for an entire User Security Group at once.  When Active Directory Users run EventPro for the first time, an EventPro User will be created with select information passed from Active Directory, including the relevant EventPro Security Role.

The advantage of Active Directory for the EventPro end users is the single sign-on capability.  When a user logs onto a computer (workstation) in the domain, Active Directory authenticates the user - i.e. confirms the user's identity - and grants the user authorization to access the appropriate domain resources. In other words, once users log on to the domain, they can run EventPro without logging in a second time.

Please note that Active Directory Integration requires the separately purchased EventPro Active Directory module.

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