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EventPro Software Installation Guide

When installing EventPro Software, you can choose between two different installation types:

Stand Alone Installation:  This is a single-user environment where the application is installed on one machine.

Server/Workstation (Network) Installation: This is a multiple-user network environment where the EventPro application is hosted on the application server, the EventPro database is hosted on the database server, and the Users run EventPro from their Workstations.

In this situation, you need to install EventPro to the application server, and then go through a separate installation process for each Workstation.

oApplication Server: This is the computer on which you install the EventPro application.

oDatabase Server: This is the computer that runs SQL Server and hosts your EventPro database.

oApplication Workstations: These are the computers from which Users will be logging into EventPro.

oDomain Controller: If you are working in a domain environment, the Domain Controller hosts the domain in which you will be creating User Security Groups.

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