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EventPro Software Installation Guide

The EventPro Cloud application is accessed through Citrix Workspace, a software product that allows you to connect remotely to applications.

To connect to EventPro Cloud, you can go through:

othe Desktop Citrix Workspace Application


othe EventPro Cloud Gateway in an internet browser.

To use the desktop Citrix Workspace, you must install Citrix Workspace on your machine.

If accessing EventPro through the Cloud Gateway, you are still most likely going to install Citrix Workspace locally on your computer or device.

oHowever, with the Cloud Gateway, you have a second option, which is to access EventPro using the "Light Version" of Citrix (also called "Citrix Receiver for HTML5").

oThe Light Version of Citrix allows you to access the EventPro Cloud application within a web browser, which means you do not need to install Citrix to your computer.  

oThis is useful if you have trouble installing Citrix, or if your browser doesn't enable the correct extensions to use EventPro Cloud.  

oHowever, there are some limitations with the Light Version. It does not currently offer any access to your local drives (which means you will not be able to access local drives in order to import/export reports, contacts, etc.), and it does not offer printing to your local printers.

oTherefore, Citrix recommends using the full-featured, installed Citrix Workspace if possible.  If you want to be able to access your local drives and print to local printers, you need to install Citrix Workspace.

We will first look at installing Citrix Workspace, assuming you want to use the full-featured version to access EventPro. Go to Install Citrix.

Later, when accessing EventPro Cloud application from a browser, we will look at the option of using the Light Version Citrix.

There is also a mobile Citrix Workspace app that allows you to access EventPro Cloud on your mobile device.  See EventPro Cloud on Mobile Device.

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