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EventPro Software Installation Guide

1.When you first login to the EventPro Cloud Gateway, it will look for the installed Citrix Workspace. What it finds determines your options for proceeding.

NOTE: As mentioned earlier, Citrix Receiver has been upgraded to Citrix Workspace.  This webpage currently refers to Citrix "Receiver", but it will detect and use Citrix Workspace, if applicable.

2.If you want to use the full-featured, installed version of Citrix Workspace (formerly Receiver), ensure that you have already installed it, following the instructions above.

3.If you do not want to detect or install Citrix Workspace, you can use the Light Version within an internet browser. Also, if Citrix Workspace is installed, but fails for some reason, the EventPro Cloud application will use the Light Version.

4.The Citrix StoreFront opens to the Favorites page.

If you haven't logged into Citrix before, the Favorites page will be blank.


5.You have the option to access EventPro from the Apps page. Click the Apps icon at the top of the webpage.


6.However, if you want the EventPro app to be readily accessible, you can add it to your Citrix StoreFront Favorites page.

See Add Apps to Citrix StoreFront.

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