Attendee Management Software

A Bunch of Little Details = One Huge Undertaking

If you deal with event attendees, you know that it can be difficult to keep track of all the specialized details related to attendee management:

Make it Easy with the EventPro Attendee Module

Simplify the chore of tracking attendee details with EventPro's Attendee Module. It is specially designed to help event professionals organize all critical elements of attendee management in one easy-to-use area:

* You can customize the attendee management functionality of your EventPro Software with the Resource Management Module, Invoices & Payments Module and Task Management Module.

The Benefits of Integrated Event & Attendee Management

By connecting your attendee and event management in one streamlined system, you will...

Improve Efficiency

Easily collect and organize attendee data, making it easy to find and consolidate into EventPro's built-in reports. You can copy repeat attendees from event to event, or import attendee information to reduce data entry.

Reduce Costs

The Attendee Module will streamline administrative functions so that you can do more in less time, reducing the costs of attendee management. It will be easier to manage registrations, edit attendee information, send follow-up reminders, arrange seating, invoice attendees, track finances, and more.

Improve Customer Service

It doesn't exactly encourage event attendance to have attendees endure agonizingly long phone calls to register or wait forever while information is mailed out. With quick and easy registration, prompt responses to requests, and consistent follow-ups, you can build an audience of satisfied attendees.

To sum it up... The Attendee Module makes your job much easier.

Offer More - Get More

The versatile Attendee Module does everything you would expect for fundamental attendee management. You can also add on optional modules to further enhance functionality, so you can offer your Attendees a comprehensive package of easy-to-manage event attendance services.

Do you want to save time and let attendees register themselves online? Check out the EPConnect Attendee Online Module.

Do you arrange travel & accommodations for attendees? EventPro's Event Accommodations and Event Travel modules are specifically designed for storing and scheduling travel & accommodation arrangements. Learn more about the Event Accommodations Module and Event Travel Module.

What the Attendee Module Can Do for You

Registration Packages

Create any kind of registration package you need with many different options, including a flexible charge structure that allows you to set up per-package, per-function, or per-table rates, or to create rates based on attendee type, company category, or time of registration.

Seating & Table Arrangements

Seating arrangements save time, avoid attendee confusion, and make the most of available space. With the Attendee Module, you simply drag and drop attendee names onto place settings at the tables in the seating chart. It's that easy!


During event preparation, there is a steady flow of communication between organizer and attendees – invitations, RSVPs, registrations, confirmations, invoices, and so on. The Attendee Module logs all attendee interactions and allows you to schedule related task reminders, ensuring that you complete all requirements on time.

Mail Merge

If you need to send a communication to multiple attendees, such as invitations or confirmations, the Mail Merge feature makes this task quick and effortless, while still personalizing messages for each attendee.

Guest Management

Categorizing an attendee as a "Guest" allows you to link that person to another attendee, which is convenient for billing & seating purposes. If several attendees are part of the same group, you can assign the attendees as guests of one main attendee so that you can bill one entity for all expenses. Save time by duplicating details from the main attendee, such as registration packages and travel arrangements.

Invoices & Payments *

With EventPro's Invoice & Payment Module, you can easily record attendees' invoices and payments under their individual finance records. For fast billing, you can create a batch of invoices for multiple attendees with one easy step-by-step wizard.
* With the EventPro Invoices & Payments Module

Function Assignment & Requirements

The Attendee Module helps you organize details unique to attendee management. For example, you can store special information about attendees who will be performing a duty at a function, such as presenting or speaking, and for attendees who require specific equipment at the event.

Accommodations *

If you have on-site housing, EventPro's Housing Module can integrate your accommodation management information into your event management system, so that your event, accommodation & attendee records are all connected. It's then simple and efficient to create accommodation arrangements for attendees.
* With EventPro's Housing Module

Attendee Import & Copy

This is another time-saving feature that helps you avoid manual data entry. If you already have attendee information in files or databases, use the import feature to quickly add attendees to the event. If one event has some of the same attendees as a previous event - whether a few or many - you can simply copy those attendees over into the new event.

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