Event Accommodations Management

Seamlessly Integrating Travel & Accommodations with Event Planning

Do you manage travel and accommodations for attendees? It's great to provide that kind of enhanced service for your attendees, but you know that it involves a lot of extra details. How can you possibly keep all of this information organized?

With 2 powerful, purpose-designed EventPro modules: Event Accommodations Module and Event Travel Module, part of EventPro's Event Planning Suite. EventPro's Event Accommodations and Event Travel Modules will help you manage all of the crucial details of travel & accommodation arrangements, including:

And because the Event Accommodations and Event Travel Modules are directly integrated with EventPro, reservations will be attached to the appropriate attendees and events, easily accessible for review, editing and printing.

Work More Efficiently with One Streamlined System

Book Multiple Attendees in One Step

The "multi-add" feature in the Event Accommodations and Event Travel Modules allows you to add a travel or accommodation arrangement to multiple attendees in one quick process. The data entry is done in a fraction of the time and you avoid the errors that arise when re-keying information. The "multi-edit" and "multi-delete" functions work in the same way, allowing you to change or delete multiple records in the time it normally takes to change or delete one.

Import Reservations

If you already have travel and accommodation arrangements organized within files or databases, use the import feature in the Event Accommodations and Event Travel Modules to quickly add them to the event.

Let Attendees Enter the Information for You

If you have the Event Accommodations and Event Travel Modules, as well as EPConnect Attendee Online, you can allow attendees to select or enter their travel and accommodation information online. You then simply import the information back into EventPro for fast, accurate organization of attendee travel & accommodations.

View & Distribute Accurate Information

Centralized Information

Because the Event Accommodations and Event Travel Modules are integrated with EventPro, all of your travel & accommodation information will be connected to the relevant attendees and events. This makes it easier for you and your staff members to find and view critical information.

Don't Leave Attendees Out in the Cold

When you add travel and accommodation records to attendees, the Event Accommodations and Event Travel Modules will automatically check the check in/check out dates against the arrival/departure dates. If there is a date discrepancy – e.g. the attendee's travel arrives a day ahead of the accommodation check-in – you will receive a warning.

Print Vital Information in Easy-to-Read Reports

Use the reports built into the Event Accommodations and Event Travel Modules to easily track which attendees are coming and going. You can quickly review records like reserved accommodation rooms, arrival and departure times, check in and check out dates, and more.

Easy, Accurate Billing with Integrated Finance

Thanks to EventPro's multifunctional design, your event finance data and travel & accommodation records are all integrated together for easy billing.* When assigning travel and accommodation reservations to attendees, you can indicate who will be billed for the reservations. When you later generate an invoice for the bill-to party, the travel and accommodation charges will be automatically pulled in for easy, accurate attendee billing.

*With EventPro's Invoices & Payments Module

Put the Event Planning Modules or the complete Suite to work for you

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