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EventPro Software Installation Guide

With Active Directory Integration, when a User first logs into EventPro, the program will automatically create a linked Contact for the User with information from the Active Directory User properties.

If you are the first person to log into EventPro, a Contact will be created from your Active Directory User properties, but that Contact will not be attached to a Company.

You don't need to create a company for your organization or attach contacts to a company, but you may find it useful for internal processes. If you want your internal Users/Contacts to be attached to a Company in EventPro's CRM, you need to add your organization as a Company.

1.Follow the instructions under Company/Contact Management (CRM) > Add New Company (Company Edit Form) in the EventPro User Manual to add your organization as a Company in EventPro's CRM.

2.You can then link your Contact to the Company, referring to Add New Company > Company Contacts > Link Existing Contact in the EventPro User Manual.

3.When other Users/Contacts are added to EventPro, they can also be linked to the internal Company. This will be done automatically if you set your Company as the Default Account under EventPro Setup > Events > System Settings. See the next step: Set Default Account.

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