Club Event Management

Country? Tennis? Swim? Yacht? Fitness? Sports? Jockey? Bowling? Curling? Private? Leagues? No matter what name appears on your club sign, you're all in the same business...bringing people together for a common purpose. And that takes some serious organization! You need to manage memberships, schedule activities & sports, organize entertainment, book rooms, and arrange dining. You probably rent your club spaces for corporate and social events, too, like weddings, birthday parties, conferences, and board meetings – which means you have to arrange details like a/v equipment, catering, staffing and so on.

If a binder and sticky notes are no longer keeping up with your club activities, then it's time for you to upgrade to our comprehensive club event management software. EventPro is a user-friendly solution for facility scheduling and event management at membership clubs. It takes your club to a new level of efficiency and organization, so you can maximize the use of your venue and provide better service for your members. And with EventPro's flexibility, you can customize that process to the unique needs of your club – no more awkward workarounds with software that doesn't quite fit.

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Event planning and management features you're looking for

With EventPro, you can mix and match options to create the custom management solution tailored to your unique needs.

Make your life easier with one streamlined system

EventPro’s comprehensive & flexible event planning software gives you end-to-end control over the event lifecycle. Instead of wasting time with multiple programs, you can manage all of your planning tasks in one reliable, user-friendly system.

What are the benefits of having all your event information & tasks centralized in EventPro?

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By combining purpose-driven software development with thorough implementation, in-depth customized training and fanatical ongoing support, EventPro provides the complete solution that – put simply – just works.