Event Management Software for Nonprofits

When nonprofit organizations bring their members together for conferences, meetings, or other large events, everyone should be able to participate, learn and enjoy the overall event experience. To make this happen, the organizers of nonprofit events have to get all the details right.

If you're looking for an event management platform that allows you to schedule sessions, organize equipment, manage event attendees, and track finances – plus much more – take a look at EventPro’ event management solutions. Our clients find our event management tools instrumental in saving time, staying on budget, keeping workers on track, and running flawless events – basically, making their event planning process much easier.

For non-profit organizations orchestrating fundraising events, EventPro serves as a comprehensive solution, streamlining the entire event management process. Our event registration software goes far beyond simply managing online ticket sales.

The robust features empower event organizers to oversee every facet of their fundraising event efficiently. From email campaigns to online event registration to payments and more, EventPro ensures a smooth and organized experience, contributing significantly to the long-term success of non-profit organizations in achieving their philanthropic goals.

Event Management Software for Nonprofits With the Features You're Looking For

With EventPro, you can mix and match options to create the custom management solution tailored to your unique needs. If EventPro sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for and you want to find out more, just request a consultation. We’re here to help!

Make Your Life Easier With Association & Non-Profit Event Management Software

EventPro’s comprehensive & flexible event planning software gives you end-to-end control over the entire lifecycle of your upcoming event. Instead of wasting time with multiple programs, you can manage all of your planning tasks with our user-friendly, nonprofit event management platform.

Planning in-person and virtual fundraising events has never been easier! Our fundraising event software simplifies the entire process of planning nonprofit events, from organizing engaging online activities to managing online registration and donor data seamlessly. EventPro ensures a smooth experience for both organizers and attendees, allowing you to focus on the heart of your cause.

What are the benefits of having all your event details, information and tasks centralized in EventPro?

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By combining purpose-driven software development with thorough implementation, in-depth customized training and fanatical ongoing support, EventPro provides the complete non-profit event planning software solution that – put simply – just works.