Arena & Stadium Event Management

Whether your venue is used for sports, concerts, or any other big “wow” events, things need to get done correctly – and on time! You need to provide a high quality experience for your guests. They won't notice the hundreds of details that go into creating an exceptional event... but they will definitely notice if one of those details doesn't happen! Don’t risk mistakes by shuffling information among multiple software programs. EventPro's event arena management software brings together all the elements that you need to keep events running smoothly and the crowd happy.

We know that your challenge is to coordinate all the details and staff required for large-scale events that may be completely different from each other. With EventPro, your staff will have access to one accurate, authoritative source for event requirements and processes, updated in real time. Integrated task management with automated reminders ensure personnel know their assignments and meet timelines.

You can't jam your unique stadium requirements into a one-size-fits-all venue & event management software. That's why EventPro is flexible – so you can adapt it to your stadium's terminology & processes. Contact us if you’d like to see how it would work for you!

Event planning and management features you're looking for

With EventPro, you can mix and match options to create the custom management solution tailored to your unique needs.

Make your life easier with one streamlined system

EventPro’s comprehensive & flexible event planning software gives you end-to-end control over the event lifecycle. Instead of wasting time with multiple programs, you can manage all of your planning tasks in one reliable, user-friendly system.

What are the benefits of having all your event information & tasks centralized in EventPro?

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By combining purpose-driven software development with thorough implementation, in-depth customized training and fanatical ongoing support, EventPro provides the complete solution that – put simply – just works.