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Task Assistant

The new TaskAssistant Module scans EventPro looking for Actions (Tasks) that are upcoming, started and overdue. Notification emails are sent automatically. When there is a task that needs attention, EventPro will send off emails automatically to the designated user or user group.  Notifications of overdue Actions can repeat at set intervals until the task is done.


Have You Ever Missed a Deadline?

You’re going about your work day and feeling fine when suddenly... you realize that you forgot to do something really important. Yesterday. Oh, that sinking feeling. If only someone had reminded you!


Task Assistant Keeps You on Track

In our fast-paced world full of distractions, it’s easy to let deadlines slip off your radar. The Task Assistant is like a to-do list that knows when to give you a nudge. After you set up the criteria for notifications, the Task Assistant automatically sends email reminder notifications to you and any other need-to-know users that certain Tasks are upcoming, about to start or (gulp!) overdue.


How It Works (Hint: You Don’t Need to Do Much)

You set the Task Assistant’s schedule for scanning your EventPro data looking for upcoming, started and overdue tasks. The tasks in EventPro Software have already been assigned to the correct users or user group when created.


Start the Task Assistant and it runs on the set intervals, looking for tasks that need attention and emailing you or any assigned user(s) a reminder notification. Overdue tasks can be followed up with automated repeat notifications until the task is done. That’s it!


Nothing Falls Through the Cracks Again

Stay in the loop and make sure tasks get done! With the safety net of EventPro’s Task Assistant, you can banish “We missed the deadline?!” and many more exclamations of dismay from your office vocabulary forever.

Task Assistant

The Benefits of Task Assistant


In addition to reducing stress, the Task Assistant also delivers these benefits to you, your staff, and your clients:

Everyone who needs to know will get reminder emails. (No more “No one told me!” excuses.)

Tasks get done on time - and done correctly.

No more missed deadlines.

No more annoyed clients, suppliers, or other people waiting on your promised action.


BONUS: All this reminding is done without any extra time or effort by you (i.e. no extra emails, no panicked last-minute texts, no desperate phone calls).  Task Assistant is an automatic task notification service that runs in the background while you get down to important work.

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