Exhibitor Management

Booths & Exhibitors – Two Extra Challenges for Big Events

Do you plan Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Fairs, Conferences, Festivals, or any other kind of event that involves booth and exhibitors? Then you know that it's a challenge to plan these large-scale, high-attendance events. In addition to all the regular event details, you also need to manage the specialized requirements for booths and exhibitors.

Fortunately, EventPro Software has the ideal solution: the Exhibitor Module.

Make Exhibitor Management Easier

Directly integrated with your EventPro Software, the Exhibitor Module helps you with every detail related to booth and exhibitor management, including...

* Requires EventPro's Invoices & Payments Module, and Task Management Module

Benefit from Integrated Booth & Event Management

Complex events like trade shows and exhibitions can be labor-intensive and financially risky, so you want to ensure that that they are well-organized and well-attended. Don't waste time and money switching between different programs to manage your exhibitor-related events.

Instead, the Exhibitor Module is fully integrated with EventPro Software so that all of your event, attendee, exhibitor, and booth management records are connected together in one place – easy to collect, easy to find, and easy to print in convenient reports.

By reducing data entry and streamlining other administrative tasks, the Exhibitor Module will help ease the strain on your organization. Benefit from...

Simplified Booth Management with the Features You Need

With your exhibitor & booth information conveniently stored in an organized virtual folder within the related event, you can easily answer all of your burning exhibitor-related questions:

Who is Showing Up? - Exhibitor Registration

Track exhibitor attendance at your event with the Exhibitor Module's registrations. Create any custom registration package you need with a flexible charge structure allowing for varying rates based on exhibitor type, company category or time of registration.

How Can We Get More People to this Event? - Registration + CRM + Mail Merge + Task Management

Take advantage of EventPro's combined modules to provide superior customer service. With CRM (Customer Relationship Management), mail merge, and task management, you can provide proactive customer service that drives event registration and attendance. Build your exhibitor database, set automated reminders for follow-up, create targeted mailing lists, and send email marketing campaigns...all in one integrated system.

What Booths are They Renting? - Booth Setup & Assignment

Quickly and easily set up customized booths with the convenient multi-add function. When you assign booths to exhibitors, you can adjust the rental dates and supplies accordingly. Set rental fees exactly the way you need, whether you use pre-defined default charges, new custom prices, or special discounts.

How Much Do They Owe? - Finance, Invoicing & Payments

EventPro connects your Invoice & Payment and Exhibitor modules so that you don't have to leave the program to bill exhibitors. The built-in invoice & payment wizards guide you through the easy processes of generating invoices and allocating payments. With batch invoicing and mail merge, you can send off a whole event's worth of exhibitor invoices in one simple process.

Did We Send That Yet? - Communications + Mail Merge

All communications are logged in the related exhibitors' records for easy storage and retrieval. EventPro's integrated mail merge allows you to send large email campaigns to exhibitors and prospects, reducing the costs of direct mail. Combined with letter templates, you can personalize mass communications to individual recipients.

See the Exhibitor Module in Action Today

During your personalized walk-through of EventPro, you'll get a look at the integrated Exhibitor Module. One of our Account Consultants will show you how the Exhibitor Module can keep your trade shows and exhibitions running smoothly.

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