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Case Study: Mingara Leisure Group

Executive Summary

Mingara Leisure Group offers over 40 event spaces across four venues in New South Wales.

Catering for small intimate gatherings, right through to large expositions and corporate events, our team have been working with clients to create memorable event experiences for well over 30 years. A unique selling point of Mingara Leisure Group is our massive range of event spaces which include a regional athletics centre, an Olympic class swimming pool, auditorium spaces for concerts and expos as well as rooms that can be partitioned and divided to create separate spaces.

Being a large, complex and unique organisation, we needed to engage a software solution that would provide client flexibility, financial integrity and was simple for our team to use.

Before EventPro

What were you using before EventPro?

We have used several mainstream Events Software packages in the past.

What were three points of frustration you faced with your previous solution?

Financial accuracy, controls and classification were a challenge prior to engaging EventPro.

What was the big “ah-ha” moment when you decided you needed to try something new?

We were trying to strike a balance between the complexity we needed and ease of use. EventPro’s screen layouts as well as the ability for us to be able to customise, meant we could streamline administration time.

In addition, EventPro handles all aspects of customer management which meant we were not reliant on other software solutions that sat alongside our previous event management software.

In EventPro, communication is tracked effectively and event coordinators can log communications with their customers. Another great feature built into EventPro is its report designer which means any complex report can be created without the use of external software.

We use the API (Application Programming Interface) to feed EventPro data into our BI (Business Intelligence) for integration with our Accounting software and to analyse the business against other streams of data.

What were the top reasons you selected EventPro Software?

Using EventPro

How easy or hard was it to get started with EventPro Software?

After user training was complete, going live with EventPro was a straightforward process. Naturally, there was time spent training and learning the system, however, with the help from the EventPro team, all users were up and running efficiently, providing a very short transition period.

How has it helped you to overcome the challenges you had before?

Relying on third party software to create reports and as well as manual processes to double check financial integrity meant that many hours were spent in the background by the finance team at Mingara Leisure Group.

The time saved by using EventPro has allowed the finance team to develop their skills and work on new projects that they previously were unable to. As mentioned above, while the EventPro system contains all of the functionality our organisation needs, we sincerely believe that the EventPro team behind the software is what makes the difference.

What are your favourite features? Why?

Column Chooser and Grouping – we have a lot of resources configured in EventPro. Functions like these make it easy to locate exactly the information we need.

Report Designer – We have a number of templates that we use for invoices from corporates to individuals. Report Designer allows us to clone a report and tweak it for our client’s specific needs.

Tell me about the most positive experience you’ve had using EventPro Software?

If for any reason one of our Events Coordinators becomes unavailable, it is easy to pick up an event and understand the requirements and what has been communicated to the customer allowing the event to continue without any impact on the client.

Results with EventPro

How has EventPro Software helped you achieve your business goals, and streamline your business processes?

The EventPro system is able to flex with our needs and has meant that we can deliver an event our way as opposed to bending to a system’s limitations.

The ability for us to tailor the system creates user efficiency, the in-depth detailed setup allowing for team communication as well as the security and accuracy in financial reporting have allowed us to achieve our goals providing superior service and streamlined reporting and financial outcomes.

Finally, we would like to once again re-iterate the outstanding support provided by the EventPro team which has enabled the delivery of high-quality events. We thank them for all their hard work, friendliness and great consistency.

What specific metrics can you share about the impact EventPro has had?

Prior to using EventPro we often had problems with clarity around our aged Debtors, in turn leading to bad debts.

Using EventPro has given us a clear view of these lingering debts and driven down bad debts and increased profit.

Would you recommend EventPro Software? If so, what is the main reason why?

Our team would recommend EventPro as an events software solution to any business looking at a comprehensive events management suite.

Not only is the software flexible, comprehensive and easy to use, but the support team behind the product makes using the entire software package a absolute pleasure.

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